New technology for cancer treatment

Cancer is a world disease:

Cancer really is something awful, far more so than the majority of things on this planet. Not only is it far worse than the majority of things, it is even far worse than the majority of diseases. Not only because cancer is a dangerous, often deadly disease, but also because cancer is unfair, it has no mercy and it leaves so many people and families wounded and scared for life. Once you or someone in your near circle is diagnosed with cancer life never becomes the same again. Even when the cancer has been successfully treated and eliminated the fear of relapse and becoming sick again never leaves you alone. That is the reason why cancer has no mercy, you can never fully recover from it because the scars on the inside are permanent. Cancer truly is unfair, also because cancer can hit anyone – regardless of how much the person has done to prevent it. Small children have cancer, way to many in fact. Extremely healthy people as well. Rich as poor. Young as old. Cancer is a world disease, and we need improved treatment and technology. 


Improved cancer treatment with RaySearch Labs:

Luckily the trends seems to have taken a turn and cancer treatment is finally improving and evolving as it should. This is thanks to the corporation RaySearch Laboratories who are finding new innovate ways for treating cancer and improving the software technology. Improving the field of treatment with new technology is something that is very much needed and can have a great impact on our society and the ability to both treat and detect cancer in time. RaySearch Laboratories are now specialising in a new technology known as machine learning and more specifically in machine learning planning. This new technology revolves around machines generating personalised treatment plans in minutes and machine learning adaptive radiation therapy. In less than 45 seconds it generate contours of organs with deep neural network models and the ability to share the models with other clinics.